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Yes. With Nest Wealth Pro, you have the freedom and flexibility to manage your portfolios the same way you do today.

Not at all! Our technology is designed to scale to your needs, which includes providing you with the autonomy to choose your own custodian(s).

No problem. The Nest Wealth Pro onboarding flow is fully customizable, so you can include your preferred onboarding questions without limitation.

Yes. At Nest Wealth, we understand the importance of building and maintaining a consistent brand. Our team will work with you to understand your brand and create your ideal investing experience.

The Pro platform gives you the option to set role-based permissions. With this, you can assign the appropriate permissions for each user to help you efficiently manage platform access.

Nest Wealth Pro pricing is structured as two components:

  1. A one-time setup fee: There is a one-time implementation fee that covers what is required to complete configuration and customization. This fee is based on the level of requirements provided and the estimated time and resources needed to complete the job.
  1. An ongoing fee: The ongoing fee includes hosting, maintenance and support costs. This fee can be structured as a monthly flat fee for every client account on the platform, or BPS based on assets under administration (which declines as accounts or assets accumulate on the platform).

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Truth be told, it depends. Although implementation time ultimately varies by factors unique to each organization, it typically takes as little as three months to get our partners up and running on the Pro platform.

Our partner list includes Portfolio Management organizations, IIROC firms, and Canadian banks.

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With the Pro platform, you can focus on your business by allowing our technology to focus on the day-to-day details. Nest Wealth Pro also gives you the freedom to customize the investing experience based on your brand preferences, improving your overall client engagement.

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Yes, and we’d be happy to chat more about it!

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