The Future of
Your Firm Today

• Reduce operational costs and risks
• Increase advisor capacity and productivity
• Enhance client engagement & experience

Designed to easily work with your existing products, processes, platforms and people allowing you to move from analog wealth to digital wealth in a fraction of time for a fraction of the costs.

Benefits of Going Pro

Reduce Operational Costs and Risks

Significantly reduce errors, account opening times and operational costs to position your firm for growth.

Increase Advisor Capacity

Give your advisors the tools they need to save time on administrative work and spend more time building relationships with clients and prospects.

Improve Client Engagement and Experience

Give your clients all of the information they need to one easy-to-use, modern portal.

Join the community of leading financial institutions that have chosen the Pro platform to become a more efficient and client focused wealth management firm

“We decided to partner with a firm who could empower our financial advisers, beef up their proposition and allow National Bank to leapfrog ahead in the industry”

Jonathan Durocher

President of National Bank Investments

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Assuming: Avg AUM per advisor of $50m, Avg account size of $125k, traditional custodial rejection rate of 30%, digital custodian rejection rate of 10%, Advisor fee of 1%, client & account growth rate of 10%, $40 hourly cost for administrative tasks, $80 hourly cost for advisor tasks.

Nest Wealth Pro is a digital wealth platform offered by Nest Wealth. “Nest Wealth” is the trade name of Nest Wealth Asset Management Inc.